My Current Top Peloton Instructors- Spin [2021]

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3 best peloton cycling instructors
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Are you looking for new Peloton cycling instructors? I tend to switch up my instructors based on the mood I’m in.

Looking for fun? Cody Rigsby. Looking for an ass kicking? Olivia Amato. Looking for something in between? Sam Yo.

In this post, I go into more detail on why these three are my current top Peloton cycling instructors for all levels right now.

Let’s take a look….

Looking For Fun? Cody Rigsby.

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I first introduced myself to Cody during a live DJ ride, and ummmm…. more please! From some of the best playlists which include Britney Spears, Dua Lipa, and Little Mix, to his freakishly good fashion, you’re in for one hell of a party with him. His classes aren’t always the most challenging, but honestly, challenging isn’t always what the doctor ordered. Sometimes I want a little bit of gossip and club music while I’m sweating and looking like a hot mess. Some of my favorite rides from Cody include:

  • 20 min Mood Ride: Happy [5/26/21]
  • 30 min Live DJ Ride: Pride [6/25/21]
  • 30 min HIIT & Hills Ride: Live From LA [10/29/21]

Looking For An Ass Kicking? Olivia Amato

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How can someone pack so much intensity and ass kicking in such a tiny body! I’m not going to lie, I always HATE her for the first half of the ride, wondering to myself what the hell did I just sign up for? By the end, I finally find the energy to thank her for a wonderful kick to the tush and find myself excited for the next class. In her classes, you’ll find a nice mix of speed work and strength, set to some of the hottest EDM music. I find her music choices to blend best to the demands on the bike which make her classes all that more enjoyable. Beware though, don’t expect to find too much recovery during her rides. She kindly adds her version of an “active” recovery between intervals which only add to the diffiulty level. Some of my favorite rides from Olivia include:

  • 20 min Climb Ride [06/20/21]
  • 20 min Climb Ride [10/21/21]
  • 30 min HIIT & Hills Ride [11/8/21]

Looking For Something In Between? Sam Yo

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Want a blend of hard work with appropriate recovery? Let me here you say, “Yes Yo!” OK, I may have taken that tag line from Sam Yo himself, but I couldn’t help myself. Taking a class from Sam ranges from leg crushing hill climbs to in the saddle speed bursts. What seperates him from Olivia in difficulty level is he actually gives you a short 40-60 second recovery in between intervals! Without those recovery sets, his workouts would be just as hard as Olivia’s in my opinion. He also does a great job mixing his music selection and matching it with the correct cadence on the bike which make his rides smooth and enjoyable. Some of my favorite rides from Sam right now include:

  • 20 min Climb Ride [11/15/21]
  • 30 min Climb Ride [07/19/21]
  • 30 min Climb Ride [06/15/21]
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Bonus Instructors!

OK so I couldn’t leave these instructors out and I understand this list is my opinion and may not gel with everyones likes. So if you’re looking for additional instructors, I highly recommend Alex Toussaint and Robin Arzon. I compare Alex to Olivia in terms of difficulty level as he likes to avoid the recovery breaks as well. Some favorite classes from him include any of his “AT’s Ride To Greatness” series he had earlier this year (2021). Full disclosure, I just recently discovered Robin but she is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I compare here to Sam as she’ll kick your butt; however, she’s kind enough to give you some recovery in between (although she also likes the term active recovery).

So there you go. My list of the 3 best (bonus instructors not included) peloton cycling instructors for everyone right now. For a more comprehensive list including instructors for other workouts, check out this Men’s Health article here. I hope you take some these brilliant instructor’s classes and you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy cycling!

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