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What Makes Me Happy?- February 21, 2022

Laughing with my wife. Driving. Travel. Running. Exercise. Laughing with friends. Spending time with Mandi’s dad. My skin clearing up. Eating Well. Reading. Writing. My work. Hunter. Going to new breweries. Improving/practicing my mental health. Good sleep. Breathing exercises. Working out. Watching a good show/movie. Being lazy on the couch. Listening to music. My alone time. Helping others. The ocean. Drinking Tea. Being healthy. Not worrying. Living care free. Golf. Journaling. Communicating. Dressing well. Sunshine. SLO. Reliving memories. Live music. Pellegrino. Being thanked. Good days with my wife. A good cry. Handling stress well. Finding healthy outlets to cope/manage stress/anxieties. Happiness. Making new friends. A job well done.

I’m anxious about the clothes I wear and detergent I use and if it is going to make my skin itch and worse. I hate not knowing. I wonder if it’s my anxiety or actually the clothes/detergent that makes me itch. It’s certainly possible that my nerves are creating this fake reality. I mean it makes sense. I tell my patients this exact thing with regards to pain, why couldn’t it work for stress/anxiety. I think it would be healthy to explore myself without prejudgments. To accepts everything and embrace uncertainty. To keep an open mind and not resist. I want to be able to wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear and that’s okay. I think worrying less about what I can’t control will be a very healthy step forward for me and my relationships. I will actively work on this. I had some anxieties about writing will instead of plan. I think because I’m worried I’ll be some failure if I don’t do it, but if I say plan, it’s okay. I want to work on reducing my fears like this and accepting things for what they are, things. And accepting outcomes for what they are, whatever they are.

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