Resistance is a wall we try to build and build and build as high as we possibly can, only to see this hypothetical wall make the feelings we are trying to resist louder and louder and louder.

I learned this over the past year, through my mindfulness practice and becoming more aware of the different emotions I was feeling.

Growing up, I thought it was bad to cry. Just rub some dirt on it and dust yourself off were common expressions. Hide your emotions because showing them is a sign of weakness was another one of my favorites.

I hear these expressions often spoken to kids, and even into adulthood and I want to share a very important message. The more we build resistance to certain feelings, the louder they become. For me, this manifested in the way I tried to avoid feeling frustrated or angry. I labeled those emotions as “bad”, and the more I tried to resist them, the louder those thoughts became.

It wasn’t until I began breaking down those walls of resistance that I was able to observe these emotions with more clarity and acceptance. Now, I actually look forward to feelings these emotions I once labeled as bad because I see it as an opportunity to continue to grow my practice with them. 

It’s okay to feel sad, angry, irritated, or frustrated. In fact, feeling these emotions allow us to experience feelings of joy, happiness, and bliss.

Over this past year, I’ve become more aware that vulnerability is anything but a sign of weakness, and I hope this message helps someone who may be struggling with their emotions, much like I was.

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