Acknowledging Your Resistance

I’ve talked quite a bit about resistance on LinkedIn as well as this blog. And for good reason. Resistance is something I navigate each day. Resistance is something we all navigate, to varying degrees, each day.

It’s natural to resist people, things, emotions. Maybe we were told as children not to cry, or hide your emotions. Maybe we grew up in an environment where we feared certain people or things. Whatever the reason, we grow up building up these resistance walls, and it’s natural not to know how to cope with them.

It took me 33 years to start addressing my resistance walls. It may take you longer. And that’s okay. I’m here to tell you you are not alone in this. And I want to help….

So you may be asking how do I deal with my resistance? And that’s a great question.

I was meditating this morning and the theme of the meditation was acknowledging your resistance. The important thing to remember with resistance is it’s okay not to change your response to them. You certainly can, and great job if you can. But it’s not the main message.

The main message is this. Sometimes when we try to change something, we set unnecessary expectations that create more tension in the body. What’s more important is that by simply acknowledging your resistance, you are doing enough. You are now creating space between you and your emotions. You don’t have to solve anything in this moment. Just simply acknowledge the resistance, and feel the tension gently roll away.

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