Fill Your Cup

August 29, 2022

How do you fill your cup?

This is an important question. Take a moment to picture a coffee cup filled to the brim. The contents of this cup are made up of various elements of our day to day. From caring for loved ones, our work duties, sleep irregularities, meeting with clients, or ensuring the safety of your patient. Each day, the contents of this cup are emptied through our actions. Actions of compassion, love, frustration, empathy, you name it.

Let me ask you again. How do you fill your cup?

I didn’t start asking myself this question until this past year. And if I am honest with myself, it’s probably more like the past few months. As a healthcare provider, husband, and soon to be father, I empty my cup plenty throughout the day. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Looking back at the past few years, I was drainnnnning my cup every day. And I certainly wasn’t filling it back up. This led to work burn out, irritability with friends and family, and frustration with myself. I was slowly killing myself via stress. Sounding familiar?

So over the past year, I set the intention to start filling my cup as much as I emptied it. Each day, I offer myself self care through various activities that fulfill me. From meditation, journaling, exercising, focusing on breath work, reading, etc… just to name a few. For you, this could look totally different. To fill your cup, choose something that fulfills you. This can start slow and steady. Start with dedicating 5 minutes each day to yourself. During this time, be free from distractions. Do something that brings you joy. Choose something that fills your cup back up.

So how will you fill your cup today? This week? This month? This year? Start by asking yourself this question each day. Fill your dang cup up as much as you empty it. Believe me, you’re worth it.

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