Today Is Brand New Day

Each day is a new opportunity. A clean slate if you will. How cool is that?

Yesterday my wife and I found ourselves in a little argument. Now this was one of those arguments where nothing was said, we just spent the remainder of our evenings with some space.

Now most arguments start when one, or both, hold on to something from the past. Like you used to did this, so why are you now mad at me for doing this too? News flash. That’s our pride and egos getting in the way. So I was laying in bed this morning, and I thought to myself…. you know what would be pretty awesome? If I dropped my ego and pride for a just a moment, and gently let go of the notion of our argument. I mean truthfully, that is really the only way to move on from the past. It doesn’t mean any one is right or wrong… honestly, IMO, both are wrong during an argument. But dropping your pride and ego for just a moment allows you to create some space between you and the irritant, while also letting you move on from the past.

So getting back to my original point… each day is a new opportunity. It’s easy to get down on yourself after an argument. I don’t think anyone looks forward to arguing…. and if you do, there’s probably something much deeper happening. But we can take each argument as an opportunity to learn and grow. The morning after, we can wake up with a new intention to make today a new day. Not get caught up in the past. Reminding ourselves that we have the power to make today how we want it to be. Free from our past. Free from our pride and our ego.

Now how cool is that?

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