Here is the most sound advice I can give to you.


And don’t let anyone tell you differently, including you.

And if you find someone or even yourself telling you otherwise, remind yourself that it’s okay not to be okay. And then remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Now I’m a BIG nerd when it comes to science. I mean, I do work as a physical therapist and my most visited website is Live Science. Ok, so….science. We have the power to hardwire our brains to think a certain way.

Prior to last year, I was wiring my brain to think negatively. Now this is quite normal actually. Going back thousands of years, our ancestors were programmed to think negatively. This is because their environment forced them to think fight or flight, constantly. If they didn’t, they were likely going to not last very long.

So here I was, constantly putting myself down, and not reminding myself that I AM ENOUGH. So here’s one of the many cool things about science. Because we have the ability to change our minds to think negatively, we also have the ability to change our minds to think POSITIVELY. We can actually re-wire our brains to these new pathways through what’s called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity doesn’t happen overnight, and consistency is key here.

If you find yourself down on yourself, down in life, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Take a moment to remind yourself each day that YOU ARE ENOUGH. And if you find yourself saying otherwise, know that that’s okay, and then remind yourself again that YOU ARE ENOUGH. And remember, consistency is key.

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