How To Be Successful

Where Do We Start?

Ever wonder how to be successful? The answer is quite simple. The execution on the other hand is challenging.

Earl Nightengale wrote a book long before I was born, titled, The Strangest Secret, in which he outlined the very solution to this question, how to be successful. Along the way, he explained why so many of us are left feeling unsuccessful, while the smallest portion of us somehow figure it all out.

95% of people will be unsuccessful. Why? Because they are missing out on this secret. We have two options with this secret. The first can lead you to a life you have always dreamed of. The second can keep you exactly where you’re at, going down the same lost road.

What’s The Secret Sauce?

The secret to success is this. We become what we think. Now read that again. We become what we think. If we think positive, we will manifest positive things in our life. If we think negatively, like so many of us do, we will only continue to attract negative things. See how this secret can be a double edged sword?

Nightengale uses a very helpful analogy to describe this point. Think of a farmer with fertile land. This fertile land represents our minds. The farmer has the option to plant whatever it is they want (our thoughts). On one end of the farm they plant corn, and on the other they plant nightshade, a deadly poisonous plant. The land will return both crops in bountiful amounts, it does not matter. It returns exactly what it receives, much like our minds create outcomes in return for our thoughts. There is no other option here. Negative thoughts will produce negative results, and positive thoughts will produce positive outcomes.

How To Get Started

So how do we change our thinking this way so we can be successful? It starts with attitude. We have many choices in life. And I argue the most important choice we have is our attitude. Do you want to continue having that negative attitude? Or do you want to choose that positive attitude you’ve dreamed about? The choice is yours.

So here are a few tips to help get your started.

  1. Act as everyone you meet is the most important person in the world. Why? Well, because everyone already thinks that, so time to accept it 🙂
  2. Let go of grievances.

Now admittedly, that second item is easier said than done. I would consider myself an expert in holding grudges. And what did that ever get me? You guessed it. Absolutely no where and no thing. Other than leaving me feeling angry and frustrated at something out of my control. The sooner we can let go of our grievances, the sooner we can focus on what really matters, and that’s ourselves.

Setting Goals

Going back to the topic at hand, how do we become more successful? Beyond changing how we think, successful people also set goals. It’s been researched and proven. Those with goals know where they want to go, and where they are going. Like a ship on open waters, with a captain guiding her to the correct port each time. So grab a pen and note card, and write down a goal(s). It can be anything. More money, a house, better relationships with loved-ones, career growth. Take this card with you everywhere you go. Read it every morning, whenever you have a free moment in the day, and right before bed. Start to feel this goal and imagine yourself as if you have achieved this goal. Remember, we become what we think after all.

You’ve Got The Keys, Now Go Drive The Damn Thing 🙂

So there you have it. A quick guide to how to become more successful, and achieve the life you have always dreamed of. In conclusion, if you take nothing else from this, remember that the most important choice we make in life is our attitude. And to become successful, we must set goals while remembering we become what we think.

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