During my breath work this past weekend, I gently shifted my focus to what if this were my last breath.

Perhaps an odd question, but something I have been been trying to be more mindful of the past few months.

Now normally, this would bring me feelings of anxiety around death. Pretty normal actually.

But in this moment, something felt different.

Rather than feeling anxious, I found myself thinking of the beauty in that “what if” scenario.

Feeling gratitude for the breath that I have and for the life that I live.

So this got me thinking more.

Perhaps this reframe is a result of a visit to our good friends this weekend, who just welcomed their new baby girl into this world.

Seeing how quickly life can change, but also seeing how beautifully the two of them transitioned into being parents.

That little girl drew a great hand having those two as parents.

And they have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

In this moment, I couldn’t help but see myself in that role.

Soon my wife and I will welcome our own baby girl into this world.

And soon, our lives will both change. Responsible not only for our own lives, but also for hers. Caring, loving, and nurturing her.

In that moment, rather than feelings of fear and anxiety, I couldn’t help but be swept away with the feelings of joy and gratitude.

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